Mobile Application Developers Find Great Possibilities In WAP Apps Development

Published: 29th November 2011
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The advent of smart phones has been exponentially increasing demand for mobile application developer, who can utilize the idea of ​​users, which in turn has caused an exponential growth in the market of user-friendly applications. A mobile phone that is well-equipped with the mobile applications will allow users to perform different web-based businesses, personal transactions and communications, when he is unable to sit in front of desktop PC or a laptop. This connectivity with mobility has led to a new stage of development of mobile applications. The mobile application developers have to face some challenges in the field of mobile application development, in the current situations, and it is expected that these challenges are going to persist in the coming future, as well.

The mobile application developers are usually having mastery over the programming languages ​​like Java, C / C + +, embedded VC + + (3.0, 4.0), J2ME, WML, etc. Different languages are used for creation of the creation of applications for different mobile platforms, and for WAP mobile application development.

On the professional level, the application developer must be able to carry out some essential responsibilities, to save his future in mobile application development. Firstly, the application developer must analyze the functionality requirements. Upon completion of the preliminary study of the initial application, it is important to identify and define the requirements of functional and nonfunctional applications. A specification of requirements for high quality ensures the competitiveness of the application, ensuring that the main features of the application to respond to market demand and existing user needs. The mobile application developer must be aware of the strength and weakness of a new application. Furthermore, he must determine which requirements are valid and viable, and that the functions are not included in the application. The requirements specification must be based on the queries like the purpose of application, the dependencies of application, and input in different phases of marketing.

The mobile application developers must be able to provide scalable user interface. While ensuring scalability of the application of different screen resolutions and orientations may require additional work in the design, implementation and testing, which has clear benefits. An application created to support the scalability can be installed in a wide range of target devices in the present or in the future, making the potential client base for much wider application. The development of scalable applications reduces the effort of post-production phase, as the need for device applications variants secondary objective is reduced. If, the same version of software is not compatible with the secondary device, the post-production work is expected to be easier and faster for an application, which has been developed with scalability point of view.

The efficient mobile application developer will be able to recognize the needs of the clients, who target specific mobile devices. Choosing the right mobile platform for the right application is the basic need for ascertaining that the application solves the purpose, for which it has been created and earns substantial place in the apps market. A good mobile application developer must be able to address safety requirements. Security requirements may be more directly expressed by the description of the threats of the application is likely to encounter.

It is been noticed that mobile application developers are showing great interest and enthusiasm in relation to the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) and its potential. WAP moved very quickly from a relatively unknown protocol the most talked about technology among developers who wanted to bring Web content for mobile devices. As a matter of fact, people spend less time for moving in and out of their PC, the ability to view Web content on a mobile phone is a very interesting concept.

Therefore, the mobile application developers have started to play with the Wireless Markup Language (WML) and its counterpart in scripts, WMLScript. It is expected that there is a bright future in the creation of WAP applications. However, WML and WMLScript have limitations that could easily trip up the uninitiated WAP application developer.

Secondly, the Wap developers will have to sharpen their skill set, and knowledge to develop and deploy dynamic WAP. For the benefit of developers who need to incorporate server-side processing and access to the database in their applications, the application developers must be able to cover both, the server-side technologies and database access.

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